Lord of Revelry


Obviously the Stats for a God or Goddess will be Unknown until the time of their encounter. so until then, you will not know the extent of their power!


Calcz is the god of revelry, madness, mania, dementia, temptation, lust, and wine. Needless to say, Calcz seems to be one of the reasons that although the Empire of Chaos is popularly seen as less-than-good, it is not outright evil in all its forms. Calcz is the culmination of a festivities put into the difficult to handle domain that is partying. Whether the party is binge-drinking, at the whore-house, or slowly going insane due to the indelible terrors that await them, Calcz has a hand in all that and more. Calcz is one of the few gods which will regularly appear on earth in his most natural form before convincing everyone he is just a drunken illusion, and causing a party to run out of control. He is always gone before hangover sets in, and he never pitches a hand in cleaning up the usually horrific messes that follow his hand of debauchery. Be careful with him around.


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