The Divine Teacher


Obviously the Stats for a God or Goddess will be Unknown until the time of their encounter. so until then, you will not know the extent of their power!


If Tauriel represents the footsoldier in its entirety, then Daniel represents the Mage. The domains under his power are Scribes, Studious Magics, College, Knowledge, and Education. Wizards are notably the main followers to Daniel and reguarly praise him in his infinite wisdom for an understanding of power and the restraint to control such powers.

Daniel is known to be the wisest of the most knowledgeable of the gods, and therefore can be a bit much to bear in conversation. He is often sequestered in his quarters improving his nearly infinite vastness of the universe, but has yet to achieve any enlightenment about grand meaning which has driven his to the brink of insanity and back again. He has knowledge of every known magical spell, and has a special interest in the Feywild which he yearns to grasp as his own.

He is often depicted in ragged travelers robes because he rarely gives thought to appearances due to his nature of near-constant thought.

Mages gather in circles every fortnight to praise Daniel for his favor and power.


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