The Dark Side of the Moon


Obviously the Stats for a God or Goddess will be Unknown until the time of their encounter. so until then, you will not know the extent of their power!


Mendalia is yet another of the gods who might represent chaos, but not necessarily evil. Mendalia is the patron goddess of the Moon, Forests, Hunting, and Natural Wildlife. She is revered by the elves, Druids, and all sentient beasts. While she is not outright evil, she does orchestrate animal slaughters of mankind occasionally which has led humanity to fear her. Rangers however, know that respect must be paid to the goddess who allows them to hunt in her domain. Traditionally depicted with a bow, all hunters pay heed to her before riding out, and pay heed upon the slaying of a creature. While most believe that hunting angers Mendalia, she is rather angered by wanton over-hunting, and is not above sending a pack of wolves to tear down the disrespectful.

She is one goddess that takes no pleasure in taking life, but easily can. She can shape-shift into different wildlife at will, and occasionally will hunt on her own. She is mostly found during moon-filled nights in the vast forests of Elendwelt.


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