The Judge


Obviously the Stats for a God or Goddess will be Unknown until the time of their encounter. so until then, you will not know the extent of their power!


Michael is known as the Judgment god for good reason. The domains under his care are Justice, Law, Order, Liberty, and Politics. While some politicians may be corrupted, those that steadfastly for the people can be found under the divine guidance of Michael. Those that enforce the law as well share praise that Michael may bless their judgement and may lead them on to execute the law in a fair way. Michael is the second eldest of the gods (except for Cypria), and shows this by enacting his appearance as a wise, old, angel. He has a long flowing beard and a face variable to everyone who asks of it. It is said that Michael no longer uses his eyes in order to keep his judgement as fair as possible.

His lair in the 7 Heavens appears as a courtroom, however with an open back containing steps which look out over the clouds and humanity.


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