The Goddess of the Winged Ones


Obviously the Stats for a God or Goddess will be Unknown until the time of their encounter. so until then, you will not know the extent of their power!


Raphaela is the rather mild-mannered goddess of Elendwelt’s skies, wind and avian creatures, as well as fertility and storms. She is symbolized by an eagle flying over a cloud which is both a call-back to her proposed followers, the Aarakocra, but also to the idea of storks delivering children. She has several wind temples, especially in the Aarakocran mountains, which are dedicated to her and her part in fair skies. The rain is said to be her tears made manifest in sorrow for humanity.

Raphaela appears to be the youngest of the gods, however as gods are eternal, this seems to be a choice of her own. She possesses flowing blonde hair and middle-sized white eagle wings. It is said she can be seen flying across the skies occasionally. She is seen usually brandishing a sword and smaller round shield.

Her lair in the 7 heavens is populated by cloud giants, and faithful Aarakocran who served her well throughout their lives, and appears as though walking on sturdy clouds throughout the sky.

She is the daughter of Terra and Shief.


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